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Should I buy a manufactured home or rent an apartment?

The decision to purchase a home is a personal one with many factors to consider. One of those factors is money. When you rent, monthly rent payments typically rise 5-9% every year. Monthly payments for owners stay the same year after year. In addition, when you move out of an apartment, you have nothing of value for rent dollars spent. With home ownership, you have something of value to sell when you choose to move out. As a result, buyers often spend less money and end up with a valuable asset.


Home ownership can also help improve your credit rating. In fact, making consistent and timely payments on a home loan is one of the best ways to improve your credit rating. That improved credit can help you get credit cards and make other purchases. Paying monthly rent does not improve your credit score.


Buying a home in a community with other home owners gives residents a more stable place to live where they can build relationships and create security for their family and home investment.



Why choose a manufactured home community when downsizing?

Downsizing has become popular for retirees, empty nesters and even some families looking for a simpler life with more financial freedom. Many people who are downsizing opt for manufactured home communities because they offer great value for a safe and friendly living experience.


Today’s manufactured homes are high quality homes that offer both ample space and luxury features; for example: granite countertops, mosaic backsplashes and walk in closets. These homes are professionally designed, but can be customized to make them unique. Manufactured homes are typically priced 50-60% lower than traditional homes and have lower utility and maintenance costs.


Manufactured home communities often provide lifestyle benefits of being close to a lake or beach. Others have areas of the community that are geared toward seniors, providing opportunities to socialize and get to know one another, building valuable friendships.



Will I get a good deal on a home with Four Leaf Properties?

Four Leaf is one of the largest buyers of new manufactured homes in the United States, so we buy direct from our manufacturer and pass on huge volume savings to our customers.  Our homes are sold every day at a 30-50% discount off of their retail prices. We can help you compare the “blue book” price for our homes against the actual purchase price as a guarantee of that savings.



Will my manufactured home increase or decrease in value over time?

In today’s market, high quality manufactured homes in well managed communities maintain value for longer periods of time. Based on federal regulation of quality standards and new best practices in manufacturing, homes are considered a 50-year asset. While resale prices for homes may be higher or lower than the original purchase price based on many factors, the resale market for used homes is extremely strong and very vibrant. The demand for used homes far exceeds the supply.



Can I get a loan for a manufactured home with my credit problems?

Even with a history of credit problems many applications are approved. It is possible to apply for credit online through the First Choice website (our financing partner), or seek financing from other lenders of your choosing.



Where should I apply for credit when buying a manufactured home in a Four Leaf Properties Community?

Customers can select any lender, but several companies specialize in loans for manufactured homes. Four Leaf Properties has relationships with several of them and can provide customers with those options.


Four Leaf Properties also has an exclusive relationship with First Choice, a lender who specializes in manufactured housing, and has direct knowledge of our communities.



What are some benefits of applying for credit through First Choice?

Four Leaf Properties has an exclusive relationship with First Choice, a lender who specializes in manufactured housing.  The relationship with First Choice benefits Four Leaf customers in three ways.


  • First, it provides one stop shopping for a loan. Customers can apply online or apply at our local manufactured home community property offices. First Choice will process that application and present a loan for qualified applicants. If desired, they will send the credit application to other lenders on your behalf. That way you can received multiple loan offers, if you qualify.


  • The second benefit of applying for credit through First Choice is the close rate for loans. Because First Choice has an exclusive relationship with Four Leaf and has insights into the properties, First Choice has more flexibility to structure deals. Over 60% of all applicants who apply for a loan through First Choice at a Four Leaf property are approved for a loan.


  • The third benefit of the First Choice credit application is speed. The lending process is much faster because our local Four Leaf Properties employees are the point of contact. The speed of the loan is also impacted by our one-step approval that combines residency and home financing approval at one time. That means one application and one approval, which is completed in 24 hours.



Can I apply for credit from multiple lenders?

Yes. In fact, we will be happy to refer you to several quality lenders who also do business in the manufactured home industry.



Can I rent to own a manufactured home in the community?

It is possible to begin life in one of our communities as a renter, and then become an owner. Most customers, however, find that buying an affordable home is often within their reach when looking at costs with our communities. In fact, rental payments are often quite a bit higher than payments on an owned home.



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