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What’s different about our Community?


Simple facts:

  • Apartment living sucks (we say that playfully ).
  • MH communities offer a chance at home ownership, even with damaged credit. You can get credit right here!
  • Less noise and more privacy. You’ll have 4 walls of your own.
  • Yards, porches, storage sheds, parking.
  • FLPlife resident lifestyle experience that is 8X better than apartment living. Let me count the ways:
  • Handshake. You’ve got a community manager.
  • Safety and security.
  • Community fun and events.
  • Pet love.
  • Cool amenities.
  • Lifestyle services.
  • 55+ stay active.
  • Doing good.
  • Home ownership rocks! You can own for less than renting.




You can get a home loan HERE.


Simple facts:

  • We’re a one-stop shop to find your dream home, get a loan right here and enjoy an awesome new lifestyle.
  • Own for less than renting (Low monthly payments).
  • Lower credit scores accepted (We’re serious).
  •  Free credit application.
  • Approval in 24-48 hours.
  • Move into your home in only 4 days (credit application to handing you the keys).




Why OWNING a home in our community rocks.


Simple facts:

  • You’ll live the American dream of home ownership.
  •  Your monthly payments will typically be less than rent payments.
  • It’s your home to decorate; your yard to play in.
  • You can build equity for financial freedom.
  •  You’ll gain financial benefits ~ credit history, tax credits, discounts.
  • You can pass the home to your kids (inheritance).
  • You have flexibility to resell your home (we can help if needed).
  • You can stop throwing money away on rent. Ahh….




‘How to” Stop Renting and Buy a Home.


Simple Facts:

  • Know your budget for your monthly payment.
  • Figure out your space needs ~ 3 or 4 bedroom.
  • Check out where our communities are located and learn about them at
  • While you’re on our website, choose your dream home. See the starter homes and larger home photos and tours on our website. We also have pre-owned homes.
  • You can apply for credit on our website for FREE! We consider all types of credit, even with past credit issues.
  • Come by for a community and home tour.
  •  We’ll explain all credit options, but we have credit available right in the community. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get a loan.
  • If you didn’t apply for credit online, we can help you apply.
  •  You’ll receive your credit approval and we’ll ask for a few documents (e.g. W-2, etc.).
  • We’ll email you documents and you can sign electronically to buy your home. OR you can come into the office and we can work through the closing together.
  • We’ll give you the keys and tell you all about your home and the community.
  •  You’ll be happy.




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